Zwave JS issue?

Trying to track down the issue if this is a Zwave JS issue, Home Assistant version, or something else. It looks like my Aeotec Home Energy Meter and Water Sensor are only updating every ~7 hours. They seemed to work just fine up until 9/4. They are set to poll every 30 seconds.

Anyone else having similar issues?

Yes, subscribed for any updates. I have another thread for this same issue as well.

Anyone seen anything to correct this? Sadly I don’t have backups to go back to 2023.8 releases or zwave 1.87 also to test those out when things were working. Having zwave not functioning correctly since 9/4 continues.

Is there a log that might be helpful with this? I was thinking the Z-Wave JS log but looking at that not sure if that is of much help.