Zwave-JS Motion sensor "no motion for x minutes" automation not working anymore (after migration)

Good morning!

I have been using a motion sensor (“ZP3102 by Vision Security”) for a few months now. Initially on OZW 1.4, now on ZWave-JS.

Before the migration, I had an automation coded that turned my entrance lights off 7 minutes after the last motion was detected (“burglar” event no longer “8” for seven minutes). This worked flawlessly. Now on ZWave-JS, after I had updated the automation accordingly, this no longer works, and the light turns off 7 minutes after the FIRST motion was detected, not any subsequent (last) motion. My current trigger is as follows:

type: no_motion
platform: device
device_id: 32c8e406c6b79e277138470a60ad1788
entity_id: binary_sensor.motion_temperature_sensor_home_security_motion_detection
domain: binary_sensor
  hours: 0
  minutes: 7
  seconds: 0
  milliseconds: 0

In an effort to troubleshoot this, I am also trying to catch the events using developer tools, listening for “zwave_js_event”, but there are zero events fired by this motion detector, which I find confusing (other Z-Wave devices show up here just fine). Any suggestions are welcome :slightly_smiling_face: