Zwave JS NeoCoolcam Sirens stoppend working


i have an odd problem wir my zWave NeoCoolcam Sirens.
The worked with zWave JS for months.
Now I can’t trigger the sirens anymore.
Iam running zWave JS 1.7.0 und HA latest version.

The zWave log file shows timeouts to the nodes.
I have 4 Neo Coolcam Sirens und replaced all batteries with fresh ones,
so I can exclude somtehings wrong with the sirens.
All other zWave devices work, so the stick is correct…
Any ides? Iam really clueless, why are only the sirens are affected?!?

Thanks for help

Follow the instructions in the issue:

Thanks a lot for the fast reply!
Reinterviewing the devices did the trick.
Hoping it will last :wink:
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