Zwave-js Nortek Security & Control LLC Z-Wave Garage Door Controller GD00Z-7

I originally paired to the gen5 without issue before I upgraded to the gen5+ so I doubt that is the issue, can’t say for sure on the GD00Z-5 version as I don’t have any experience on those, also I have since moved away from these units as they were to problematic, like the getting confused if it was open or closed forgetting it has a tilt sensor paired to it, so I can’t rule out the latest update for Zwavejs didn’t break it. I built my own setup using the FortrezZ Z-WavePlus MiMO2+ with wired sensors Seco-Larm SM-4601-L3Q Industrial Wide-Gap Magnetic Contact Switches my Garage doors behave alot better with this setup

Thanks Trenton, I may need to move to something like you have. I appreciate the details you have provided.

I mounted a tilt sensor at a 45 degree angle on the top panel of my garage door. As soon at the door starts to lift it reports open.

Make sure you’re running the latest zwavejs software and latest HA release.