Zwave js not taking new configuration for dome wireless siren

When I change the configuration for my dome siren using z-wave js, the new configuration does not take, it goes back to the old configuration.

Did you wake it up? Settings won’t change on battery devices until they wake up.

Good point, I do this type of thing so infrequently, I did not think of that. I will wake it up and see what happens.

I could not get the device to wake up according to the instructions…

Waking Up The Siren
Because the Siren is a battery powered device, it wakes up on regular intervals
to give battery and other status updates to the controller, as well as to accept
configuration settings from the controller. This helps to extend the battery life.
The device can be forced to wake up to submit these reports or accept new settings immediately by simply pressing and holding the CONNECT BUTTON for two
seconds. The LED RING will flash once indicating successful wake up.