Zwave_js_notification on Home Assistant Core?

Is zwave_js_notification something that runs or is available on HA Core (in docker on linux)?

I’m trying to run through steps to see what code was entered in a door lock, and the walk through instructs to go to developer tools, Events, and find zwave_js_notification there, but it doesn’t exist on mine. All my zwave stuff is working fine with ZWave JS (zwavejs2mqtt on docker on linux, HA is 2022.10.x).

There’s no difference in the integration for the different HA packaging, they are all running the same software.

The docs actually say:

You can test what events come in using the event developer tools in Home Assistant and subscribing to the zwave_js_notification or zwave_js_value_notification events respectively.

To subscribe to an event in the Dev Tools, you type (or paste) the event name into the event text box and click “Start Listening”. You don’t “find” anything. The events listed on the side are “active listeners”, this would include automations.


Thank you for the clarification; I assumed it had to be listed on the right side in order to be able to listen to it.
However, I tried both of your subscription events and started listening… and then fired off an unlock / lock of a zwave door lock, or an on / off of a zwave light switch… and nothing showed up while listening to those events.
After listening to them, both of them exist on the list on the right side, now… along with many other new entries… yet, I still don’t see the data I would expect to see when a zwave device changes.
Edit —
I also did a listen on everything (*) and changed the state of a couple of zwave devices. There were no event_types that had anything to do with “zwave”. It was all “state_changed” and entries related to automations.
end edit —
Why might that be?

A light switch wouldn’t report any event for state changes*. Some support double/triple/etc. tap which do use events. But simple on/off/brightness states are reported via the entity.

Events are used for very specific cases. These are describe in the docs if you look at the different event types.

Most locks should trigger some kind of notification that would be observable via zwave_js_notification (Notification or Entry Control), like an RF Unlock or Lock, however they’ll only show up in HA if your lock is actually reporting them. The type of events supported also depend on the lock. You can follow the Driver debug logs to see if it’s reporting anything. If the driver doesn’t receive any notifications, neither will HA.

* You can use the platform triggers zwave_js.value_updated or zwave_js.event to react to practically any message coming from the driver, including light switch state changes, however these are not observable in Dev Tools, as far as I know.

Thank you for all that, freashcoast.
I can definitely see my light switch changes and door lock events (unlock via HA controls, lock via HA controls) on the Driver debug logs you mentioned. That was a new one to me. Thanks.
However, after testing just now, I CAN see it in the event listener when I manually unlock/lock the door from the knob on the door, but not when I unlock/lock from a control within Home Assistant. Is that expected?