ZWave-JS - Sending value to dimmable switch Everspring AD147

Hi there, I’m new to HA, come from
Successfully installed HA on a Py4 with a Razberry addon card, and zwave_js. Works fine!
Have started integrating devices and automations.
I also tried HACS to add a better looking multi entities for switch and lights.

For custom automation, I need to send specific values to dimm the light as wanted.
I’m struggling with a (multilevel?) switch: Everspring AD147 (dimmable light switch).

I checked on the forum: There are some posts with Everspring AD147, but doesn’t match my problem.

  • The device is perfectly recognized by HA => I’m able to play with it in dashboard with the standard “light card” => on/off + slider.
  • The standard automation propose to send value, but the slider is sticked to 255.
  • I tried with YAML, same.
  • I tried by using “service” rather than the GUI embedded actions => z-wave.set_config_parameter, z-wave.set_value, etc.
    Each time, the log says it’s not possible to send other value than 255???
    Error while executing automation …: Node(node_id=31) - InvalidNewValue: Must provide a value within the target range (Min: 255, Max: 255)

Documentation from the manufacturer says it’s possible to send values from 0x00 to 0x63 (dimming) AND 0xFF (full light straigth), but not just 0xFF.

When I change dimming through the standard light card, Zwave API is able to send these values:
Node 031 REQ SendData
transmit options: 0x25
callback id: 173
target value: 59
duration: default

Am I missing something? Thx for any clue.

You typically control lights with the light integration services, which is what the light card is doing, e.g. light.turn_on with brightness or brightness_pct attributes. There’s no need to use low-level Z-Wave services (like zwave_js.set_value), unless there’s something non-standard with the device, or a feature not supported natively by HA.

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Hello freshcoast, thx for your reply.

You typically control lights with the light integration services … There’s no need to use low-level Z-Wave services

That’s what I thought I was doing! :wink: And that’s why I specified: The standard automation propose to send value, but the slider is sticked to 255
But for the newbie that I am, it’s also a little bit counterintuitive to use “service” for lighting!
I thought the most direct route for “action” was “device”, not “service”.

Now than I understand that there are “standard” services with a lot of functionalities, that superseed the options of the device itself, it’s pretty obvious!
I tried service light.turn_on : works like a charm!
Thanx a lot.

You can also use Device Actions, if that’s your preference. Do you not see the “Turn on” action?

Hello Freshcoast,

Thanks for the screenshot, always better with an image!
Again: Now that you show me that, make sense!
Mmh… Think I got a programmer bias here!
I wouldn’t have thought to use “turn on” to set brightness! :sweat_smile:
I would send “turn on” or “turn off” for obvious actions and, separately, I would send the value for brightness.

With your previous response, I managed to set a progressive dim lighting based on sun elevation.
I will check the behavior with the “turn on + brightness” action!

Thanks a lot for clarifying the paths we can take to achieve an action!

service: light.turn_on
  brightness_pct: "{{ ( -8.33333*state_attr('sun.sun', 'elevation') + 50 )|round(0)|int }}"
    - 491d02d14fe063...
    - d644e317344f47...

May be I’m doing something wrong (again!), but when using action device turn.on brightness, it doesn’t allow to place a formula:

  - type: turn_on
    device_id: 491d02d14fe063cd53419de52385974e
    entity_id: light.swdimmer01
    domain: light
#    brightness_pct: OK 44.44
#    brightness_pct: KO "{{ (300-50*state_attr('sun.sun', 'elevation')/9)|round(1) }}"
#    brightness_pct: KO "{{ state_attr('sun.sun', 'elevation') }}"

Gives an error message:
Message malformed: expected float for dictionary value @ data[‘brightness_pct’]
Even with casting the formula with |float, it’s considered an error.