Zwave-JS Supported Device Database

In my preparations for migrating to Zwave-JS very soon I’ve been doing my due diligence to try to head off any problems before I do the migration as much as I can. Part of that was to determine if I had any devices that would not be supported in Zwave-JS and came across this official document of all supported devices and parameters, which is quite handy, and wanted to share the link for anyone else who might want to keep tabs on it (even if you have already made the jump to Zwave-JS and just want to check if a device you are considering adding is supported).

Z-Wave JS Config DB Browser


Is there anyway on how to add a device to that database?

I purchased a MCHome A8-9 multisensor to work with home assistant. Everything seems to work except voor these 2 things: The sensor is not recognised by Zwave JS and it shows the following product:0xa803, product code: Unknown product 0x1352.

In the databse it lists this:
Product Manufacturer: 0x015f
Product Identifiers: 0xa803:0x135a

Same device but doesn’t correspond.

Open an issue for the developers -

I did and they added it to the database. Now however I get this error:

The device configuration file was found, but the firmware version is outside of it’s range.
Which is strange as all firmwares should be allowed.

This is the info in the menu:
Device info
Firmware: 6.4

However if I look further I get this:
Zwave firmware version

Zwave protocol version

The first seems to not reed out the firmware well because it includes the brackets and “”.

In the code this is mentioned so it should work:
“firmwareVersion”: {
“min”: “0.0”,
“max”: “255.255”