Zwave-js: Temperature entities become unavailable after restart, untill sending new temperature report

First of all, thank you so much for Zwave-JS. Finally getting rid of OpenZwave was a huge improvement for my HA system. I have a few minor issues though. One of them relates to temperature sensors. Using Home Assistant OS 6.6, Z-Wave JS 0.1.46.

Whenever I restart HA (e.g. Configuration → Server management → restart), all of my temperature entities for the Fibaro flood sensors (FGFS101) and Fibaro door/window sensors v1 (FGK101 with external temperature sensor) immediately become unavailable.

They stay unavailable until the device actually sends a new temperature report. For most devices, this means that the temperature entities are back again within a few hours. However, some of my sensors are placed in areas where the temperature pretty much never change. This means that the temperature entities are practically unavailable indefinitely. The report sensitivity can be configured somewhat but this doesn’t really help much.

I do not see this issue with any other sensor such as the Fibaro smoke sensor or Fibaro door/window sensor V2. Those will come back immediately after a restart, using the last known temperature value which is what I would expect. All other entities for the problematic sensors are also immediately back online using their previous state, it’s just the temperature entities that are unavailable.

Any ideas?

I have this same issue with a Fibaro FGK101 with an external temp sensor in my pool. The pool temps don’t vary across a few days so after a restart I get an unavailable result. In the Zwave To MQTT control panel the sensor is holding the last reported value but it doesn’t populate to HA after a restart.

Did you exclude and re-include the device after configuring the temperature sensor? According to the manual this is required.

Every time any changes are made to the configuration of TP and TD lines (1-wire), i.e. when DS18B20 sensor is connected/disconnected, it is necessary to execute the procedure of exclusion and repeated inclusion of the sensor module to the Z-Wave network.

Maybe totally irrelevant, but are you using the recorder component to write the values to a database? Otherwise HA won’t know what the value was. Another option, if using MQTT, is retained messages (don’t know the correct setting out of the top of my head).

  auto_purge: true
  purge_keep_days: 10
      - media_player

I have the recorder component set up. From the FGK101 entity it is only the temperature that doesn’t get repopulated after a restart.

Did you exclude and reinclude the device to the zwave network as stated by @freshcoast per your manual?

Yes I did (and did it again for good measure). It doesn’t solve the issue.

The temperature entity is the only one for this device that HA says it’s “Restored” after a restart. The entity state history graph shows the last reading, but the entity state stays as “Unavailable” until the next change/update.

(As a work around, I’ve now created an MQTT sensor with an automation that retains the temperature reading).

I have the same problem. There has to be a bug with driver ZMNHBD. Why does the temperature become unavailable after a restart for an extended period of time in comparison to other zwave devices that immediately come online after restart?