Zwave JS UI can't connect to mosquitto broker

zwave js ui 9.13.3
mosquitto 2.0.14 docker running on unraid

I have multiple devices in my home connecting to mosquitto and reading/publishing values. I upgraded to newest zwave js ui and only zwave js ui can’t connect to mosquitto.

HA is able to read mqtt values from mosquitto, but zwave js ui now has this error message:

2024-06-06 09:08:43.638 INFO MQTT: MQTT client reconnecting
2024-06-06 09:08:43.640 ERROR MQTT: Mqtt client error connect ECONNREFUSED /
Error: connect ECONNREFUSED /
at PipeConnectWrap.afterConnect [as oncomplete] (node:net:1555:16)
2024-06-06 09:08:43.643 INFO MQTT: MQTT client closed

Is there another level of logging I can enable?

My zwave devices are all working - it is just this connection to MQTT where I use it to publish the zwave device status so I can make sure all devices are active in the past 24 hours…

To clarify - I have restarted HA and the Mosquitto Broker. I can connect to the broker using MQTT Explorer using the same credentials as zwave JS UI is using. After I deleted the zwave tree from the broker, I never see it restored by zwave js.

In zwave js, I have authorization option turned on, reconnect period is 5000 and credentials have been confirmed. Under the gateway tab, I turned on use node name, send z-wave events, include node info and publish node details.

And to confirm, this has been working for well over a year.
thank you as always!!

Why use mqtt? You don’t want websocket to HA?


Also is zwavejs only docker container using mqtt? You may not be able to use hostip:port for connection and normally should connect inside docker network using containerhostname:port. ContainerIP:port may be used but it may change and is less reliable.

Also do you use password for mqtt

I published the zwave data to MQTT so it could be analyzed by a python script that ran twice a day and identify any sensors that hadn’t reported in the past 24 hours.

It looks like the last seen data is visible in HA so I will write an automation to do this check inside HA.

As to your other question, yes, I have HA pulling data from that MQTT server and that is still working.

Thank you for your response,