Zwave JS UI works... but I can't control Zwave from dashboards

A few weeks ago my Zwave components on lovelace dashboards stopped working. I’m able to see and control them through the Zwave JS UI… but not anywhere else:

(everything seems to work OK here)

but when I look at these devices in my dashboards they don’t respond:

Both Z-Wave JS and Z-Wave JS UI are enabled in Add-ons:

I’d appreciate any suggestions for where to start troubleshooting.

System Information
Home Assistant 2022.11.4
Supervisor 2022.11.2
Operating System 9.3
Frontend 20221108.0 - latest
Hardware: RPI4
Aeotec Z-Stick 7 Plus

What other details would help shed light on this?

Carefully following the instructions for Zwave JS UI took care of my issue - I’m sorry for any time that was wasted thinking about this.