ZWave Keys with ZWaveJS2MQTT

I’ve had the distinct frustration to discover this bug That can, at least under some circumstances, in later versions of HA, to add the ZWave integration, make it impossible to add the ZWave integration with ZWaveJS, but possible to add this integration with ZWaveJS2MQTT.

I know the ZWaveJS add-on is supposed to auto-generate the keys for securely adding devices and I know, in the configuration for that add-on, I can enter my own keys. But I do not see anything about dealing with secure keys with ZWaveJS2MQTT. I’m trying to add some ZWave locks and I can’t. I’ve gone through the process multiple times and I can’t add the locks. This is a lot like when I first started with ZWave and tried to add locks and didn’t know about how to securely add a device. Back then I remember I could check an option for “Secure add” for a new device. I don’t see that here.

How do I either add, view, or edit the ZWave authentication keys for use with secure devices in ZWaveJS2MQTT?

I missed the link I need to use because I had ZWaveJS2MQTT off, which I sometimes do with something when I’m working on the settings. ZWaveJS2MQTT has to be on. When it’s on, and you go to the Add-On info page, there’s a link in the lower right of the box, “Go to Web UI.” Use that to get to settins.