Zwave Lock component and Kwikset 910

Hi all, I’m just setting up a Kwikset 910 - not the kind with a keypad, it’s just a plain lock cylinder outside and the Zwave unit with thumb turn inside. It seems to work very well in HA with one minor “issue”.

When I hit the toggle in the frontend, the lock reacts almost right away to lock or unlock, but the toggle jumps back instantaneously before updating about 3-5 seconds later to the correct state. So if the lock is currently locked and showing locked in the frontend, I hit the toggle, it jumps to unlocked momentarily then back to locked. Meanwhile, the lock has unlocked almost right away. Then shortly thereafter the toggle moves to unlocked.

I’ve checked the Zwave logs and it looks like the entire Zwave transaction (from the first exchange of messages to the report that the door is now Unsecure/secure) takes just less than 1s from start to finish. I’m thinking that this is down to the way the Zwave Lock platform in HA refreshes its state?

I previously had this lock testing through a Wink Hub and while there was a 2-3 s delay between the toggle being hit and the lock reacting, the toggle stayed in its new position.

I’ve seen some threads on the Kwikset 910 with automation examples but those seem to be focused on a different issue, which is syncing the state of the lock in the frontend with the actual state, which I’m not seeing a problem with at all.

Anyone have any insights?