Zwave locks show up twice in Homekit, one not responding

After a recent Home Assistant update, maybe about a month ago, the two Kwikset z-wave locks I have show up twice in the Homekit integration. I use the Homekit integration so I can use Siri to lock and unlock my doors, as well as have a simpler interface for my kids.

I have two Kwikset 914 z-wave deadbolts. From the outside, these are plain deadbolts without a numeric button or touch pad. In Home Assistant, I see one device for each, though they are listed as Touchpad Electronic Deadbolt by Kwikset.

In Homekit, each lock has two lock/unlock switches, one of which is “not responding”. As far as I can tell, the configuration for the switches is exactly the same. I cannot find a way to remove the one that is not responding.

This is a bit annoying because now when I use Siri to lock or unlock the door, it tells me the lock is not responding, even though it usually still works. I guess it acts on both switches and throws a fit because on of the two switches is not responding. Doesn’t help with the wife approval factor.

Of course, I can rename the switch that is not responding to something different, but then I have dead devices cluttering my UI.

Has anyone seen this before and solved it? Thanks for your help.

Delete it from integrations.