RaZberry HassIO vs OZWCP Controller Reset

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Hi HA Community.

I have a couple of issues,

  1. With HassIO, there is no need for the OZWCP, however, on the OZWCP, there was an option to master reset the Zwave controller, which I found useful when completely starting over (various reason). e.g. when devices are added, the node incrementally starts at 1, 2, 3, etc. How can you reset the controller with HassIO?.

  2. My Zwave.Me web interface is not accessible, has anyone else got a RaZberry chip? Can you access the web interface with HassIO?. One possibility is that many years ago I may disabled it via the command prompt when using hasbian, is it possible to run root commands on hassIO and restore it? I only need this if issue one is not resolvable.