Zwave Mulitsensor Temperature Calibration

I was finally able to get the zwave installed on my Raspberry pi and found that the temperature is about 6 degrees high. Has anyone been able to calibrate the temp sensor?


I’m speaking from a common point of view, not Z-Wave specific.

It’s not real calibration but till you find out how it’s done properly the template sensor and its value_template (especially multiply(x)) could help.

I noticed the same issue, with my temp being reported higher then actual.

I suspect we need to edit the open-zwave config, and get that device improvement pushed upstream.

I thought that as well but when I went to look for the config file I couldn’t find one that had that sensor name or a way to identify a particular sensor. I didn’t want to modify a file that would calibrate all sensors with the same adjustment. I plan on having several sensors around the house.

Is it only one of your multisensors? I have 2 of them, they both seem out of whack by about the same amount.

Currently I only have one but will be getting a few more in the next few weeks.

Maybe see if you have the same issue with the additional units.

Then we will need to figure out the configuration, or make one for this device that takes into account the temperature difference. Run it next to something more accurate and figure out if it is an offset or a multiplier issue.

The sensor seems to be in line with my thermostat. I added batteries instead of usb plug in and I re adjusted it to point away more into the room. My guess is heat from the direct plug was affecting the temp sensor.

Mine is plugged in. maybe the issue comes from the unit being plugged in.

Try using the battery option to see how that effects it. Also if it’s pointed to a close wall or object it might be getting a false reading off the object.

I have this problem too. But with me it’s not so much that the sensor is wrong per se. It’s because it’s build in the wall with it’s PSU, which generates some heat. So, I’d like to change all my 10 sensors according to the specific circumstances. The z-wave temperature calibration parameter does not seem to do anything though.