Zwave Network Chord Diagram

Hi All,
I have put together this network map for Zwave, based on Adam Naj’s code (zwavegraph2, and the d3 chord diagram), inspired by the similar display in Domoticz which I found useful and missed in HA.

It is not yet tested with OpenZwave.

I am about to post the code on github once I’ve worked out what I’m doing. If anyone is interested I can post the code here first.

The code needs a lot of changes, but I got it working over the weekend, and works with my set up. It shows my network is fairly robust, but a few nodes are not so neighbourly and need some attention.


Some screen shots below.


It won’t work with openzwave add-on because they don’t expose entities yet. Not sure if it’s on the docket either. You can however make your own by setting them up via MQTT but they won’t be in the zwave domain. Either way, people will probably want this, nice job.

I recommend you make it a custom card, unlike what others have done in the past.

Hello Petro,
I tried this to create a base card (no idea how to get the rest of my code into the card after that, somewhere int he innerhtml?)

but it does not work - this is the error i get trying to add the card to lovelace

No card type found

  • name: ZwaveChords
    • type: ‘custom:zwave-chord-card’
      entity: input_boolean.switch_tv

I have had no luck progressing the Card adaptation, but have created a repo since there was some “love” given (thankyou).

here is the link ->