Zwave Network Laggy Nodes

I’ve tried to make my Zwave network better as I had some device that were spamming as well as my network hub was having interference. @freshcoast, you helped me so much last time I figured I would reach out to you again about it. Thank you for anything you can lend.

Node 10 sometimes lags when I turn off all my lights on the first floor as well as initiate going up stairs and turning on the hallway lights.

Node 33, when my alarm goes to pending doesn’t turn off so quickly as well as my light switch to indicate the alarm has been disabled (Node 77).

Is there anything weird happening in my logs? I had an issue with the Alarm (Node 33 roughly between 10pm to 11pm EST if I remember correctly.

I also attached my network graph that has a lot of device in red. A lot of the devices are 500 series but I would imagine they should be yellow instead of red?

Log File: zwavejs_2024-04-13.log - Google Drive

Any thoughts or suggestions?

I’d try to figure out where the lag is

a) motion sensor reporting
b) home assistant running automation and issuing a command
c) zwavejs sending the command

For (a) look for the event in the zwavejs log
For (b) look at the automation trace
For (c) look for the command in the zwavejs log

For me steps a → c take 1ms

Thank you, will try your steps. I appreciate the help