Zwave new devices

I have one of those new GE/Jasco fan dimmer switches that don’t show up correctly in HA or in OZWCP. Someone in another thread implied that it’s because it hasn’t been updated in the OpenZwave database yet. How do devices make it into HA once the open zwave database is updated? Do updates to it come out in the next release of HA, or are they looked up automatically when a new device is added?

Also, has there been any progress in getting these devices to add correctly?

I wait for it to be added to open wave and then you can copy and paste that into your HA version of openzwave as long as newmcommand classes or such are not needed.

Not sure when HA brings in new openzwave. As it’s part of the installer now I assume that it upgrades to stable on every release?

Can you describe that process for me? How do you know if it’s been added to open wave, what do you copy, from where, and to where (file names)?

I’m completely lost when it comes to the underworkings of zwave as you can probably tell.


Find your openzwave config folder and archive it (tar works well in recursive mode).

Then from the below github pages fetch the manufactures xml file as well as all the vendor directories of the device manufactures you are are interested in updating.

So for Leviton take the Leviton portion of manufactures xml and splice into your manufactures xml and over right your Leviton folder with the updated one with updated devices. You can also just do singular devices you are interested in too.

After I do that, do I have to just restart my zwave network, or do I have to exclude and include the device to get it recognized?

Reboot the system is easiest…