Zwave Node won't turn off from Sun Position


I have a light switch in my garage which is for my driveway lights. 100% of the time if I use the GUI to turn it on or off it works perfectly. The app works 100% of the time. So it doesn’t seem to be a signal issue. It sees a good amount of neighbors in my house (only have a few Zwave devices so far).

The problem is from Node Red, it almost always fails to turn off the light when the sun variable is ‘above horizon’. The other call service node (Porch Lamp) I have connected to the same even state, it works 100% of the time from node red. If I go to developer tools > Services and initiate a turn off, it also works 100% of the time. Just not from this automation in Node Red. Any thoughts on how I could further troubleshoot this?


So just to understand:

This node red automation can succesfully turn on and off the Porch Lamp, but fails with the Driveway?
In that case, i would assume the service call for the Driveway misbehaves.

If you manually trigger the same node with an inject node (timestamp or similar) it will turn off/ on?

That’s correct. I can put an inject node pointing directly to the same call service node for the drive way lights and it works just fine. I’m kind of at a loss. The only thing I could think of is that this is my farthest node from my controller and somehow the signal doesn’t make it there every time even though it can see a lot of neighbors as evidenced above so it’s not insanely far away.

Hm, either that or your payload somehow makes the service call misbehave. You could try adding a change node in between just to check.
As an alternative… if it works sometimes, but not always… you could add a state check after the service call for the light. Then if it has NOT turned on (off) just loop it until it does. (With a time delay preferably)

I’ll give that a shot tonight to see what happens. Oddly enough, this morning (15 minutes ago) it worked just fine. I just looked in Node Red it sent the turn off command and sure enough the lights are off.

As an IT guy, I just LOVE intermittent issues. /sarcasm