Zwave Nodes missing after upgrade to HA 0.104

I’ve installed HA with the hassio docker container on a Raspberry Pi 2.
Recently I’ve upgraded to 0.104 (using the Hassio builtin upgrade system), but I’ve noticed that all my zwave nodes are missing. I’m not talking about devices/entities: they’re still there. Also my zwcfg_xxx.xml is still there as well. But if I go to Configuration -> Z-Wave all my nodes don’t get listed except for my RaZberry controller.

Same here, I have this problem twice a year. Won’t get fixed.

I’ve only recently discovered what’s the culprit: I use to disable some entities because I don’t need them, but it turns out that some of them are considered essential because Home Assistant won’t show the node if you disable them. Especially the “Node info” entity seems to be of critical importance in this regard. Hope it helps.