Zwave Nodes - Rename nodes

So I’ve read tons of threads, github issues, posts elsewhere, documentation etc.

I CANNOT find a button to rename my nodes, how do it do it??!!

Click on the item in the UI to bring up the state card. Then click on the gear in the upper right hand corner of the state card. Then rename the device and press “Save”.

I do all my renames in entity_registry.yaml. It works perfectly. For example:

  name: Backyard
  platform: zwave
  unique_id: 22-72057594411827200
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Yes… that works indeed. However, one should be aware, if you’re going to edit entity_registry, you need to stop HASS, then edit, then start HASS again. The benefit to doing it with the GUI is that it works live, no stop, start, or restart required, and it edits entity_registry for you as well.