Zwave Problem after migration to proxmox

Hi, I’ve problems with my zwave devices after migrating vom HAOS to proxmox. Everyting else incl. zigbee is working fine. I’ve installted a new VM under proxmox and restored the latest Backup.
I’ve passed the USB zwave stick via deviceID and the stick is visible unter settings->system->hardware.
It’s a “Aeotec Z-Stick 7 | Z-Wave Plus V2 | ZWA010 | 700er Serie”.
the zwave devices are visible, but I can’t controll them. I’ve tried to add them as new devices, this does either not help.
Several Errors regarding zwave are in the log:
2024-05-06 12:37:06.957 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.zwave_js] Unable to set value 13-37-0-targetValue: zwave_error: Z-Wave error 1405 - The node failed to decode the message. (ZW1405)
2024-05-06 12:37:06.958 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.websocket_api.http.connection] [139884146382656] Unexpected exception
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/usr/src/homeassistant/homeassistant/components/zwave_js/”, line 334, in _async_set_value
return await

Can someone help me solve this problem?



Are you using Z-wave JS or Z-wave JS UI to communicate with your controller?

What is the device path configured in your chosen software?

Can you show all the z-wave log errors from a startup of the integration? You seem to have chosen specific errors above which is hard to understand out of context of the errors around it.

Here the hardware screenshot:

and the usb-Path in the z-wave-js

and the beginning of the logfile:

2024-05-06T12:59:17.341Z DRIVER   version 12.5.5
2024-05-06T12:59:17.343Z DRIVER   
2024-05-06T12:59:17.344Z DRIVER   starting driver...
2024-05-06T12:59:17.344Z DRIVER   opening serial port /dev/ttyUSB1
2024-05-06T12:59:17.388Z DRIVER   serial port opened
2024-05-06T12:59:17.395Z SERIAL » 0x15                                                                 (1 bytes)
2024-05-06T12:59:17.818Z SERIAL « 0x012800a80001041f9f03eb001b95fb597de82995824b5a59f2e671a1bf5296df5 (42 bytes)
2024-05-06T12:59:17.827Z DRIVER   Dropping message because the driver is not ready to handle it yet.
2024-05-06T12:59:17.828Z SERIAL » [ACK]                                                                   (0x06)
2024-05-06T12:59:18.404Z DRIVER   loading configuration...
2024-05-06T12:59:18.420Z CONFIG   Using external configuration dir /data/db
2024-05-06T12:59:18.420Z CONFIG   version 12.5.5
2024-05-06T12:59:19.300Z DRIVER   beginning interview...
2024-05-06T12:59:19.303Z DRIVER   added request handler for AddNodeToNetwork (0x4a)...
                                  1 registered
2024-05-06T12:59:19.304Z DRIVER   added request handler for RemoveNodeFromNetwork (0x4b)...
                                  1 registered
2024-05-06T12:59:19.305Z DRIVER   added request handler for ReplaceFailedNode (0x63)...
                                  1 registered
2024-05-06T12:59:19.305Z DRIVER   added request handler for SerialAPIStarted (0x0a)...
                                  1 registered
2024-05-06T12:59:19.307Z CNTRLR   querying Serial API capabilities...
2024-05-06T12:59:19.539Z SERIAL » 0x01030007fb                                                         (5 bytes)
2024-05-06T12:59:19.541Z DRIVER » [REQ] [GetSerialApiCapabilities]
2024-05-06T12:59:19.548Z SERIAL « [ACK]                                                                   (0x06)
2024-05-06T12:59:19.551Z SERIAL « 0x012b01070714000000040004f6873e88cf2bc04ffbd7fde09700008000808680b (45 bytes)
2024-05-06T12:59:19.553Z SERIAL » [ACK]                                                                   (0x06)
2024-05-06T12:59:19.555Z DRIVER « [RES] [GetSerialApiCapabilities]
                                    payload: 0x0714000000040004f6873e88cf2bc04ffbd7fde09700008000808680ba0500700
2024-05-06T12:59:19.562Z CNTRLR   received API capabilities:
                                    firmware version:    7.20
                                    manufacturer ID:     0x00
                                    product type:        0x04
                                    product ID:          0x04
                                    supported functions: 
                                    · GetSerialApiInitData (0x02)
                                    · SetApplicationNodeInformation (0x03)
                                    · GetControllerCapabilities (0x05)
                                    · SetSerialApiTimeouts (0x06)
                                    · GetSerialApiCapabilities (0x07)
                                    · SoftReset (0x08)
                                    · GetProtocolVersion (0x09)
                                    · SerialAPIStarted (0x0a)
                                    · SerialAPISetup (0x0b)
                                    · SetRFReceiveMode (0x10)
                                    · FUNC_ID_ZW_SEND_NODE_INFORMATION (0x12)
                                    · SendData (0x13)
                                    · SendDataMulticast (0x14)
                                    · GetControllerVersion (0x15)
                                    · SendDataAbort (0x16)
                                    · FUNC_ID_ZW_GET_RANDOM (0x1c)
                                    · GetControllerId (0x20)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_MEMORY_GET_BYTE (0x21)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_MEMORY_PUT_BYTE (0x22)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_MEMORY_GET_BUFFER (0x23)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_MEMORY_PUT_BUFFER (0x24)
                                    · EnterBootloader (0x27)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_UNKNOWN_0x28 (0x28)
                                    · GetNVMId (0x29)
                                    · ExtNVMReadLongBuffer (0x2a)
                                    · ExtNVMReadLongByte (0x2c)
                                    · NVMOperations (0x2e)
                                    · undefined (0x37)
                                    · undefined (0x38)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_ClearNetworkStats (0x39)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_GetNetworkStats (0x3a)
                                    · GetBackgroundRSSI (0x3b)
                                    · undefined (0x3c)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_RemoveNodeIdFromNetwork (0x3f)
                                    · GetNodeProtocolInfo (0x41)
                                    · HardReset (0x42)
                                    · FUNC_ID_ZW_REPLICATION_COMMAND_COMPLETE (0x44)
                                    · FUNC_ID_ZW_REPLICATION_SEND_DATA (0x45)
                                    · AssignReturnRoute (0x46)
                                    · DeleteReturnRoute (0x47)
                                    · RequestNodeNeighborUpdate (0x48)
                                    · ApplicationUpdateRequest (0x49)
                                    · AddNodeToNetwork (0x4a)
                                    · RemoveNodeFromNetwork (0x4b)
                                    · FUNC_ID_ZW_CONTROLLER_CHANGE (0x4d)
                                    · AssignPriorityReturnRoute (0x4f)
                                    · FUNC_ID_ZW_SET_LEARN_MODE (0x50)
                                    · AssignSUCReturnRoute (0x51)
                                    · FUNC_ID_ZW_REQUEST_NETWORK_UPDATE (0x53)
                                    · SetSUCNodeId (0x54)
                                    · DeleteSUCReturnRoute (0x55)
                                    · GetSUCNodeId (0x56)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_SEND_SUC_ID (0x57)
                                    · AssignPrioritySUCReturnRoute (0x58)
                                    · FUNC_ID_ZW_EXPLORE_REQUEST_INCLUSION (0x5e)
                                    · undefined (0x5f)
                                    · RequestNodeInfo (0x60)
                                    · RemoveFailedNode (0x61)
                                    · IsFailedNode (0x62)
                                    · ReplaceFailedNode (0x63)
                                    · undefined (0x65)
                                    · undefined (0x68)
                                    · GetRoutingInfo (0x80)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_LOCK_ROUTE_RESPONSE (0x90)
                                    · GetPriorityRoute (0x92)
                                    · SetPriorityRoute (0x93)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_UNKNOWN_0x98 (0x98)
                                    · FUNC_ID_SERIAL_API_SLAVE_NODE_INFO (0xa0)
                                    · FUNC_ID_ZW_SEND_SLAVE_NODE_INFO (0xa2)
                                    · FUNC_ID_ZW_SET_SLAVE_LEARN_MODE (0xa4)
                                    · FUNC_ID_ZW_GET_VIRTUAL_NODES (0xa5)
                                    · FUNC_ID_ZW_IS_VIRTUAL_NODE (0xa6)
                                    · BridgeApplicationCommand (0xa8)
                                    · SendDataBridge (0xa9)
                                    · SendDataMulticastBridge (0xab)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_GET_LIBRARY_TYPE (0xbd)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_SEND_TEST_FRAME (0xbe)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_GET_PROTOCOL_STATUS (0xbf)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_UNKNOWN_0xD2 (0xd2)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_UNKNOWN_0xD3 (0xd3)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_UNKNOWN_0xD4 (0xd4)
                                    · undefined (0xd6)
                                    · undefined (0xd7)
                                    · undefined (0xd8)
                                    · Shutdown (0xd9)
                                    · GetLongRangeNodes (0xda)
                                    · GetLongRangeChannel (0xdb)
                                    · SetLongRangeChannel (0xdc)
                                    · SetLongRangeShadowNodeIDs (0xdd)
                                    · undefined (0xde)
                                    · undefined (0xdf)
                                    · undefined (0xe7)
                                    · undefined (0xe8)
2024-05-06T12:59:19.563Z CNTRLR   querying additional controller information...
2024-05-06T12:59:19.571Z SERIAL » 0x01030002fe                                                         (5 bytes)
2024-05-06T12:59:19.572Z DRIVER » [REQ] [GetSerialApiInitData]
2024-05-06T12:59:19.581Z SERIAL « [ACK]                                                                   (0x06)
2024-05-06T12:59:19.583Z SERIAL « 0x012501020a081d791201000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 (39 bytes)
2024-05-06T12:59:19.584Z SERIAL » [ACK]                                                                   (0x06)
2024-05-06T12:59:19.585Z DRIVER « [RES] [GetSerialApiInitData]
                                    payload: 0x0a081d79120100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
2024-05-06T12:59:19.588Z CNTRLR   received additional controller information:
                                    Z-Wave API version:         1 (official)
                                    Z-Wave chip type:           EFR32ZG14 / ZGM130S
                                    node type                   Controller
                                    controller role:            primary
                                    controller is the SIS:      true
                                    controller supports timers: false
                                    Z-Wave Classic nodes:       1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 13, 17
2024-05-06T12:59:19.589Z CNTRLR   querying version info...
2024-05-06T12:59:19.593Z SERIAL » 0x01030015e9                                                         (5 bytes)
2024-05-06T12:59:19.594Z DRIVER » [REQ] [GetControllerVersion]
2024-05-06T12:59:19.600Z SERIAL « [ACK]                                                                   (0x06)
2024-05-06T12:59:19.602Z SERIAL « 0x011001155a2d5761766520372e3230000795                              (18 bytes)
2024-05-06T12:59:19.603Z SERIAL » [ACK]                                                                   (0x06)
2024-05-06T12:59:19.604Z DRIVER « [RES] [GetControllerVersion]
                                    payload: 0x5a2d5761766520372e32300007
2024-05-06T12:59:19.607Z CNTRLR   received version info:
                                    controller type: Bridge Controller
                                    library version: Z-Wave 7.20
2024-05-06T12:59:19.607Z CNTRLR   querying protocol version info...
2024-05-06T12:59:19.611Z SERIAL » 0x01030009f5                                                         (5 bytes)
2024-05-06T12:59:19.611Z DRIVER » [REQ] [GetProtocolVersion]
2024-05-06T12:59:19.619Z SERIAL « [ACK]                                                                   (0x06)
2024-05-06T12:59:19.620Z SERIAL « 0x011901090007140200d4303030303030303030303030303030302b            (27 bytes)
2024-05-06T12:59:19.621Z SERIAL » [ACK]                                                                   (0x06)
2024-05-06T12:59:19.622Z DRIVER « [RES] [GetProtocolVersion]
                                    payload: 0x0007140200d430303030303030303030303030303030
2024-05-06T12:59:19.625Z CNTRLR   received protocol version info:
                                    protocol type:             Z-Wave
                                    protocol version:          7.20.2
                                    appl. framework build no.: 212
                                    git commit hash:           30303030303030303030303030303030
2024-05-06T12:59:19.625Z CNTRLR   querying controller capabilities...
2024-05-06T12:59:19.628Z SERIAL » 0x01030005f9                                                         (5 bytes)
2024-05-06T12:59:19.629Z DRIVER » [REQ] [GetControllerCapabilities]
2024-05-06T12:59:19.634Z SERIAL « [ACK]                                                                   (0x06)
2024-05-06T12:59:19.635Z SERIAL « 0x010401051ce3                                                       (6 bytes)
2024-05-06T12:59:19.636Z SERIAL » [ACK]                                                                   (0x06)
2024-05-06T12:59:19.638Z DRIVER « [RES] [GetControllerCapabilities]
                                    payload: 0x1c
2024-05-06T12:59:19.640Z CNTRLR   received controller capabilities:
                                    controller role:      primary
                                    is the SUC:           true
                                    started this network: true
                                    SIS is present:       true
                                    was real primary:     true
2024-05-06T12:59:19.641Z CNTRLR   querying serial API setup capabilities...
2024-05-06T12:59:19.644Z SERIAL » 0x0104000b01f1                                                       (6 bytes)
2024-05-06T12:59:19.645Z DRIVER » [REQ] [SerialAPISetup]
                                    command: GetSupportedCommands
                                    payload: 0x01
2024-05-06T12:59:19.652Z SERIAL « [ACK]                                                                   (0x06)
2024-05-06T12:59:19.653Z SERIAL « 0x0116010b01ff9f8007800000008000000000000000800085                  (24 bytes)
2024-05-06T12:59:19.654Z SERIAL » [ACK]                                                                   (0x06)
2024-05-06T12:59:19.655Z DRIVER « [RES] [SerialAPISetup]
                                    command: GetSupportedCommands
                                    payload: 0xff9f80078000000080000000000000008000
2024-05-06T12:59:19.658Z CNTRLR   supported serial API setup commands:
                                  · GetSupportedCommands
                                  · SetTxStatusReport
                                  · SetLongRangeMaximumTxPower
                                  · SetPowerlevel
                                  · GetLongRangeMaximumTxPower
                                  · GetPowerlevel
                                  · GetMaximumPayloadSize
                                  · GetLongRangeMaximumPayloadSize
                                  · SetPowerlevel16Bit
                                  · GetPowerlevel16Bit
                                  · GetRFRegion
                                  · SetRFRegion
                                  · SetNodeIDType 

I’ve uploaded the complete file, it can be downloaded here:
Zwave_currend.log(Microsoft OneDrive)

These 2 things don’t match:


You have an extra “1” in the Z-wave JS configuration, unless you cut something off in posting the data which seems likely as the log show it is talking to the controller.

I think, that’s a problem of the horizontal scrolling

when I copy the ID from the Hardware Settings it’s the same as in the addOn config:

Reading through the logs, the controller is reporting no response to pings from nodes 7 and 17. They appear dead in the network.

Nodes 4 and 5 are consistently generating S2 security errors.

Assuming everything was working before the migration, how did the physical layout change (if at all)? Is the Proxmox hardware a new piece of hardware in the mix? Is the USB interface a USB2 or USB3 interface? If USB3, do you have the controller on an extension cable to avoid interference?

Was the Z-Wave-JS Add-on restored from the backup? Did you happen to save the security keys before migration? Are they the same?

It appears nodes 4 and 5 are the only S2 enabled devices. You could exclude and include them to see if the same errors occur.

Any logical accounting for why nodes 7 and 17 are now reporting dead? No physical changes in the mesh during the Proxmox migration?

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i have restored to the same mini pc, only with proxmus installed.
The Zwave stick is in the same USB port as before.
The Z-Wave JS add-on was created by the restore, I didn’t save the security key. i confess i don’t even know where it is.
The zwave devices are all light switches, nothing has been changed on them.
Does it make sense to delete one and reinstall it as a test?

I believe the keys are in the Z-wave JS Add-on configuration. I can’t confirm as I use Z-wave JS UI.

It can’t hurt to exclude either nodes 4 or 5 as they don’t seem to be communicating at all.

In fact, I would probably move to Z-wave JS UI, it has much better troubleshooting tools, including a network map.