Zwave problem, does config even matter?

Hi guys,

I was wondering how you all change settings for your zwave sensors or other zwave devices.
Because my zwave experience is just horrible.
Changing the device config settings by using: settings >> zwave >> “device” is useless… change a setting and pressing the apply button keeps on reverting after a few seconds.

So I tried to change the settings inside the xml files. Also useless because it’s then reverting back to the old settings too, it even tries to change my saved XML file.

Can someone please help me towards the right directions because I am this close quiting on zwave because wifi and zigbee just prove that stuff can work.

Btw. I am using am aeotech zstick gen5 and a hank motion sensor which is forcing false positives down my throat which makes my girlfriend angry :confused:

Thanks in common.
Kind regards, Dennis

The XML file is mostly just a cache. It does have some settings which influence behavior, but you cannot change configuration parameters using that file.

When you set a value for a battery device, the setting won’t apply until the device wakes up. Usually that would be once an hour. You can sometimes force devices to wake up by some sort of physical button presses. In the Z-wave control panel you can see the current wake up time. If it’s 3600 it means configuration changes won’t have any effect until at most 1 hour later.

If your device is the HKZW-MS02, the manual says the wake up time is 0, which means it never wakes up by itself. You have to press the “Z button” to wake it. So you would 1) set the desired config parameter in the control panel, then 2) press the z-button in order to apply it.

It’s that device indeed, It now has a wakeup time of 3600.
Does the Z-button still wake up my device, and for how long?
I’ll try when I arrive home :slight_smile:

The Z-button will still wake up the device. The time the device stays awake is dependent on which device it is, but it is usually in the seconds.

Just remember that the more often the device wakes up, the more battery it will use.

So I found out how to get this to work.
I had to hook up the device with micro usb and disconnect the battery in order to get it awake long enough to change values.