ZWave Raspberry Pi Install

I attempted the python-openzwave installation instructions here on my raspberry pi but hit an error during make install and could never get them to work. I instead followed the ARCH_LINUX instructions which deviated from HA’s by simply using make build and sudo make install. This succeeded, but I don’t have anything related to openzwave in my dist-packages, so I’m not sure where to point HA to. Does anyone know what I’m missing to get this up and running? Thanks!

Personally, if you are going to be using Z-Wave in your setup, I would still recommend the all-in-one installer. I would only recommend the Raspberry Pi image for those not wanting to use Z-Wave.

Trust me, until someone makes an image with Z-Wave already included, you will spend more time trying to get it working correctly then if you had just used the All-In-One installer to begin with.

I didn’t realize there were installs that came with it automatically- shame they all don’t. Reinstalling now. Thanks a lot!