Zwave roller controlled by alexa or ok google

Hi all,
in my installation I have a Zwave qubino roller shutter
in HA i have the possibility to open it close it or even control how much percent it should open (this one is not really accurate so i don’t use it)

I setup the cloud account for the 30 day trial in order to test alexa and google (i have both devices)

for alexa i managed to add a routine to do this (only bad point that i record something like “femer le volet” (open the roller in english) and “ouvrir le volet” (open the roller)

The idea was to say
“alexa ouvre le volet” (alexa open the roller) or “alexa ferme le volet” (alexa close the roller)

and alexa tells me "sorry the roller does not respond to open/close. Whereas i have NO object named roller…

When i change the routine to something without the keywords it knows it works… but i found it a bit strange that I need to say something that does not really correspond to the natural way of saying it

I had for ex the same issue with my TV.
i created a routine “allumer la télé” (turn on tv) but alexa says “there is no device named tv” (what is true… as only the routine should do something)

I guess this is a bug at amazons whay of handling it. I suppose they look for the routines after the normal commands instead of doing the opposite (or they resperve some keywords and don’t exclude them in routines)

Then I saw a video of a guy using HA with google and there the system seams to be less restrictive.

but my issue : the roller switch is seen by google but it somehow does not show it as a switch … how can i fix that?