Zwave.scene_activated on new Open Zwave integration

Any documentation on how to use zwave.scene_activated on the new Open zwave beeta?

On the old one i used an entity_id that started with zwave.xxxx an i can not find that in the new integration?

No documentation yet. You currently have to use a node id. I think the intent was to allow it to use Devices instead, but there have been no updates. You can see the event data that is given by going to DevTools -> Events and listen for ozw.scene_activated.

thank you very much for the reply

Have a look at this example for a Nanomote, I use the same pattern with my wallmote quad and a switch using openzwave beta.

I don’t see any example? @x.ha

apologies, forgot the link :flushed:

I’ve added it to the post

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