Zwave Scene (Fibaro S2)

Some zwave devices (like the Fibaro and Quibino dimmers) have the functionality to use their secondary inputs (S2) to activate a scene (single click, doubleclick). I have about 15 of these in my house and on some of these I use this functionality to activate/trigger scenes.

Does anyone have this working in HASS?

I have an Aeotec Minimote that has extra actions for long presses of the buttons. The key for getting the long presses to work was finding the scene_id to fire whatever automation you set up.

Thanks! how do you find these scene_id 's? Where do you look?

I found mine when I set up the minimotes in OZWCP. When I would push a button, it would show something in the log about a scene event happening. Along with that, it would give me something like scene_id=5 or similar.