Zwave Schlage lock not unlocking

Zwave Schlage lock not unlocking. I am new to HA as of two days ago. Zwave came from Homeseer. HA is communicating with the lock. It appears because the diagnostics are showing all kinds of data. When I click on the button that says unlock, nothing happens. I am really at a loss about what to try to debug this.

Are the batteries charged?

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If you are using ZWaveJS UI, what happens if you unlock the lock from the ZWaveJS console?


Nothing happens when I click lock or unlock from the console. I went to Settings → Devices → Zwave and clicked on the control at the top. The lock is working batteries are all good. I can see diagnostics so I guess its talking to the lock ok. This was working before I moved from Homeseer.

Did you install Security Keys, or import them from a previous install?

Was the lock properly included with Security, either S0 or S2 Access Controller?

Locks required Security keys and secure inclusion or they won’t function.


I dont know what security keys are and I did not import them so I guess I do not have that. All I did was move over the Z wave dongle from Homeseer and plugged it into the HA server. Then I went through and identified all of the IDs and that is as far as I got. Other things seem to be working like lights and such. It sounds like there’s a security problem. What do I do to fix that?

Copy the keys from Homeseer into your Z-Wave JS configuration.

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what keys am I looking for on Homeseer? Also where do I enter these on HA?

Sorry, no clue, never used it.

If you are using the official add-on and installed via the integration, you were asked the keys when you first installed it. If you did not provide any, it generated random ones. After install, you can change them in the Z-Wave JS add-on settings.

If you are using Z-Wave JS UI add-on or standalone container, they are in the Z-Wave settings of ZUI configuration.

If you can’t find the HomeSeer keys, you could exclude and re-include with new keys.


I got everything working in Zwave after moving over from Homeseer. Except the lock. Then I found the security keys S0 and S2, etc. and I copied those over to the configuration file on HA and now the Z wave will not start. Obviously, I did something wrong. How do I restore from a back up or something? Can I just restore the Z wave part somehow

I did a restore from backup for just the ZWave and now it runs, but nothing works. Waited a while and all of a sudden everything is working … I think

Maybe best to remove the lock and re add it??

You will either need to configure using the old key, which the network was using before, or re-include with new keys, so the choice is up to you.

Using the old key should be simple, just make sure they are the same format. Otherwise, the only other option is to re-include.

Z-Wave JS docs show key configuration:

s0_legacy_key: 2232666D100F795E5BB17F0A1BB7A146
s2_access_control_key: A97D2A51A6D4022998BEFC7B5DAE8EA1
s2_authenticated_key: 309D4AAEF63EFD85967D76ECA014D1DF
s2_unauthenticated_key: CF338FE0CB99549F7C0EA96308E5A403

The key values are 32-character (16-byte) hex characters. If the HomeSeer key is in a different format, you’ll need to convert it (e.g. remove any commas or other characters). Make sure to match S0 and S2 keys appropriately.

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