ZWave sensor entity goes unavailable, device (with other sensors) still works

I have a Fibaro Smart Implant, with 2 magnetic open/closed sensors on its two physical inputs, configured as alarm normally closed input on both, One for a garage door, Two for a gate. Output One of two drives a momentary pulse gate opener, Output Two is not used. The device has Protection enabled on both 1 and 2 so inputs are separated from outputs.

In ZWaveJS2MQTT both sensors show with their status. This image shows the garage door open/closed sensor at 65-113-1-Home-Security-Sensor, the Smart Implant’s hardware status, and the gate open/closed sensor at 65-113-2-Home-Security-Sensor:

When I open and close the gate, ZWaveJS2MQTT correctly shows the gate sensor (65-113-2) go to Intrusion:

However in Home Assistant the gate sensor devices regularly shows as “Unavailable”:


If I re-interview the device the “two” sensors (for some reason the device definition shows both a sensor and a binary sensor for the same actual physical sensor input) come back and work OK in HA, but after anything from a few minutes to a few hours they drop to unavailable again, even while ZWaveJS2MQTT continues to correctly show the status as idle or intrusion.

Input 1 (garage door) continues to work fine, always showing in both ZWaveJS2MQTT and Home Assistant correctly.

Everything is fully latest versions as at today, HA and Zwave.

Anyone have any ideas?

What versions of Home Assistant and ZWaveJS2MQTT are you using? I’m experiencing this same issue in 2022.06.02 (going to upgrade here in a minute) and ZWaveJS2MQTT 0.42.0. Nodes are available, awake and fully interviewed in the ZWaveJS2MQTT control panel, however in home assistant they are unavailable and unresponsive. There is no one device that this happens to, it seems to be random and sporadic and I’ve had it happen to every Z-wave device on my network at some point since upgrading from 2022.04.01/0.37.0. I hope there’s a fix for this soon.

Home Assistant Core 2022.6.4

Home Assistant Supervisor 2022.05.3

Home Assistant OS 8.1

ZWaveJS2MQTT 0.42.0

Only happening to me on 1 device - and I have about 50.

Interestingly coming back to it this morning the gate sensor has disappeared from ZWave:


Opening the gate again triggers it to reappear (this is showing idle after an open/close cycle):

But it still shows as unavailable to HA:

Any resolution to this issue? I am having the same problem. Binary sensor either not showing up in Home Assistant at all or as unavailable even though everything seems to be fine in zwavejs2mqtt control panel.

Same issue here, but with Door/Window 2 sensor (FGDW002 device)
It worked fine with Z-wave.js control panel, but recently I’ve switched to Zwave2mqtt and since that I have trouble.
The open/closed sensor just disappeared from the UI, though when I go to device’s panel it correctly reports the state. I can use it in automation (using Device: value change on a z-wavejs value), though.

Go look in the device panel for disabled entities. The one you need may be disabled.

Unfortunately that’s not the case. It shows as “unavailable”, and - which is maybe worth noting - without an option to delete (greyed out)

On the device panel for this zwave device what do you see under disabled entities?

Um, I don’t have “disabled entities” section for that device at all:

The greyed ones all have status “unavailable”, but If I click on one and go to the “advanced” section, I can see it is disabled. I tried to enable access control and see what will happen

The UI must have changed a bit. You are on the right track. Enable those and restart HA

The entity is visible in UI now (didn’t check if it reports the state properly as I use it at remote location and won’t be there for couple of days), but I still don’t have it as an option in automations (I have to set it as “zwavejs value” change.

Try refreshing your browser and and restarting HA

Mine started working correctly again after the last update. I don’t think it was the zwave2mqtt control panel that was the issue. I think it was Home Assistant and the last update seems to have fixed it.

With a couple of comments here that it may now be OK with recent updates I’ve re-interviewed, re-enabled the entities and will see what happens.

Top two have always been OK; the bottom pair are the ones that go unavailable. Let’s see.


+24h and they are still there