Zwave.set_parameter not executing in script


I have a very strange issue I hope its not a know defect. I recently upgraded from 0.112.4 to 0.114.4. In my config I have a script that turns lights on for a set time and i have a Homeseer paddle switch that has 7 LED’s on the side. As any script executes I set a led to a color while the script or automation is running.

The current issue is that the script I have sets a parameter to blue and 5 mins later it should switch the led off.

I am using the following to set the LED to blue:
Call Service, zwave.set_paramater:

node_id: 27
parameter: 27
value: Blue

I am using the following to attempt to turn the LED off:
Call Service, zwave.set_parameter

node_id: 27
parameter: 27
value: 'Off'

Troubleshooting I have done:
I confirmed with the zwcfg file that Off is a valid state.
I have created a script with just the call service set parameter. If I call it manually it turns the LED off. If i call the script “LED7_off” with home_assistant.on (to trigger the script) in the main script the LED stays on and blue. its as if the second set_parameter is not being sent.

Im at a loss for what i am doing wrong it is the only casualty of the 112 to 114 upgrade.

Thanks in advance of any assistance or ideas you may have to remediate this.

Turns out I just have the big dumb… In case anyone comes for a solution. Turns out 112 processed things in a little more forgiving fashion in a script.

in-between the two LED parameter sets I call a homeassistant.turn_off for two lights and the script itself. It turns out that that stops execution of the script even if there are renaming actions below. Thinking about this logically i don’t know that its a bug. In older versions this would turn the script off but also run actions after the off command.

The solution was to remove the script from the homeassistant.turn_off config:


  • switch.7_aeotech_smart_energy_switch_switch
  • light.homeseer_hswd200_wall_dimmer_level
    - script.light_5min

and add another turn_off at the end to turn off the script (maybe not even required)