ZWave Shower Output Temperature Sensor

Hey all,

Just putting an idea out there into the Universe -
I’ve seen these little shower thermometers - they have a little turbine that spins up with the force of the water going through the shower, which powers a little digital thermometer to tell you the output temperature of the water.

Obviously it is possible to monitor the Hot and Cold feeds to the shower with a 1 Wire sensor discreetly hidden, however, given the design of many faucets, exposed showers e.t.c. it is hard to do this with a 1 Wire without things looking “hacky”.

Seeing these little inline thermometers, I just thought to myself it would be great if there was something that followed a similar concept, but instead of a readout, it just pinged the max value to Z-Wave.

The use cases I could envisage would be to monitor the max temperature to see if any of the TMV valves in thermostatic showers were failing. And also to monitor when a shower appliance was in use.
Just putting the idea out there into the Universe - maybe someone already knows of something?