Zwave Smoke detector, How to find out when device goes unavailable


I have a heiman Zwave smoke detector. The state changes when I press the test button or expose it to smoke, which is the most important, but I would like to get a notification if the device goes unavailable.

Since I just bought those I have just integrated it in my zwave network and some small testing, then removed the battery. Over the night the state on the device sensors are still not unavailable or similar, that would indicate loss of connectivity. The states remains unchanged.

Tested with zwave ping and refresh services without any luck.

Any ideas here?

I do not have smoke detectors, but i do have about 40 different Zwave devices, and they all have one thing in common - a sensor, called node status. That should tell you, what you need to know.

Yes, I have the node status. Which is currently asleep.
Today the node has been awake for 1 sec when I triggered the device.

After battery is taken out the node status is still asleep many hours later.
I would assume that there is set up some heartbeat sent from the controller to check node status on a regular interval?