Zwave solution 3-way switch

I have a 3-way switch in my home which is wired as shown in the diagram below. I only have access to L2 and S1, at the other switches and lamps I don’t have the space and access to add a Zwave module.
Preferably I would like to use Fibaro Switch 2, but all diagrams I find you’ll need to connect the module between the last switch (S3) and the first light (L1).
Could someone advice me about a solution?

Btw I am able to add a neutral wire at S1 or live wire at L2.


instead of using external modules, have you considered replacing the wall switches themselves.
Here is a link to a Z-Wave 3-Way (or 4-Way) switch:

and here is a link to the corresponding switch completing the 3-way or 4-way circuit.

The beautiful thing here is that it can be installed as a 3-4 way switch OR a 3-4 way dimmer. They work like a charm and even the dimmer function is 3-way. If you are interested, please let me know and I will guide you as I have converted most of the house with these switches and all controlled by Alexa and Home Assistant.

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Thanks. I have found fibaro walli switches which are compatible with my Gira 55 components and can also act as a 2 or 3-way switch according to the manual.
Seems to fit my needs. Thanks for putting me on the right path

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