Zwave start process

When HA is restarted, it takes a while for all of my zwave devices ( around 60 of them ) to begin to react in a timely manner. It seems like there are three steps that the devices must go through as part of the start up process. Is there a way to tell

first, when a particular device has completed going through the complete setup?

Secondly, when the entire zwave startup process has completed?

And finally, is there a way to run parts of this in parallel? It seems very serial watching the logs. or at least to speed it up considerably.

Each zwave device appears in my web interface as zwave.something and state changes to Ready when zwave finished setting it up

Hmmm There isn’t a 1:1 correlation with name. But I could get the node_id of the device I’m looking at, and then lookup that id in the zwave devices to get the state and see if it’s ready. I’ll have to check and see what other values (Sleeping, etc) might be valid “ready” states. But its a possibility.