Zwave Stick backup

what is best method for backing up zwave USB stick and configs?

Goal is to be able to fully restored HA to new machine from backups.

Deleted my stick after having some troubles. This is now second time restoring all zwave. Not big deal but think it time to solve this.

Depends which stick you have. If you have the Aeotech stick, there is a backup utility. I personally use this and have an extra stick ready to go that I could flash the backup to and be up and running quickly.
If you have something else, like the HUSBZB stick, you would have to re-pair all devices again as there is no backup utility.

Regardless of the stick, you should still be backing up your Hass config regularly, including the zwcfg_xxxxx file which contains device specific config information for paired devices.

Yes. Aeotech.

Files are backed up but I never thought to backup stick. I’ll look into the utility.

Thank you

Here are a few links that should help assuming you are using the Aeoteck

Thank you. I was hoping this is possible remotely and I miss it but seems physical access needed…