ZWave Stick or Hub? Or zigbee?

I have basically 3 stories house (2 + 1 basement). Planning to add temperature sensors for a start, but potentially a lot more.
HA on RPi is in the basement (not much of devices are planned in the basement)
What would be the best way to communicate? House is made of bricks.
There’s WiFi on every story, 5 APs in total.
If that would be a hub(s), non-cloud solution is preferable.
If hub, would it support multiple hubs or hub(s) + stick?

Both zwave and zigbee will create their own mesh network, so as long as you have enough nodes that are “routing” capable, both of them should be fine. Most mains powered devices can route (at least for zwave, I only have a few zigbee devices so I am not sure about those).
WiFi is of course maybe easier in the sense that you already have that up and running, but many “smart devices” that boost their WiFi connectivity depends heavily on some cloud service that might or might not be supported and have apis available now and in the future.

WiFi I meant in a sense of WiFi-ZWave hub as Vera/etc