Zwave stick with alarm for automation

Hi all,

I’m new to HA and programming. I LOVE what I have seen online and am amazed by all the freedom HA brings. Unfortunately I am locked into a few ecosystems and want to integrate everything into HA for ease-of-use for my wife and I.

Because Alarm-dot-com doesn’t have an official HA add-on and the HomeBridge app isn’t perfect; I want to stick with my official CPI app since everything works well and the central station can use everything in the house if there is an emergency.

So to keep away from HomeBridge (which pings every 10 seconds for status updates) and just keep HA as my primary app this is what I have and how I want it to look:

CPI Panel controls - alarm, lights, doors, and cameras
HomeBridge - Alarm-dot-com add-on which controls CPI/Alarm-dot-com
HA controls HomeBridge

CPI Panel is main controller
HA connects to CPI as a secondary controller, can see and control everything (except the alarm (I believe it wouldn’t at least).

Can I do this with HA? I see people going back and forth and some posts with no responses. This option is my preferred method for redundancy.

CPI Panel is alarm panel only and can connect to HA
HA receives input and controls Zwave devices
In this example, can I have the HA Zwave device make the CPI panel think it is multiple devices? IE: CPI tells HA to turn on the lights and HA processes the request and pushes to the switch?

Hope for some help before I abandon HA because all I did was add another app so far.