Zwave switch reaction to Dashboard button press is delayed

Hi all,

having a head scratcher here …

I have been using Zwave switches for a while now and was very happy with their immediate reaction. Last couple weeks I have been adding more of them (current: 6 x ZW4008, 1 x ZW31s, 1 x ZW4007) and they have started reacting “slow”.

By “reacting slow” I mean:

  • I press a button on a dashboard
  • I hear the click of the actual switch immediately
  • but the reaction of the button (changing color and showing “on”) is delayed

When I try a couple times it gets slower and slower. First a second, then 3, then 5 and so on. When trying the same after a while (e.g. 30 minutes) it starts all over again, first ok, then slower and slower.

The above is also true across buttons/switches. Pressing different buttons on the dashboard creates the same effect.

The switch itself (hardware) works fine, multiple on/offs show immediate reaction (light on/off).

Any ideas?


To solve we’ll need to determine where the slowdown occurs. I’d start with looking at the zwave network. Enable debug logging for zwavejs, rerun your tests and look at the log file:

a) there should be an entry for the application command to turn the switch on
b) at some point later the switch should respond with an update with a state matching the command.
c) since all zwave messages will be in here, also look to see if any nodes are sending a lot of messages (which can cause overall network slowdowns)

So if the difference in those time stamps matches what you are seeing in the UI, then the problem is in the zwave network. If not it’s somewhere upstream in HA

Z-Wave uses ack messages so when you turn a light on it reports back if it was turned on. I think maybe it will only display the light as on once it receives the ack back saying it was successful. That’s probably why it appears slow. Maybe you could fix this by doing a network Heal.

Thanks for your advice!

I think I found what the problem is: one of the ZW4008s I recently added seems to be faulty.

  • deactivate it - all good
  • reactivate it - go slow again

I also noticed that when I try to update the firmware it fails with an error message.

I’ll buy a new one, replace it and report back (and close the topic) when I can confirm.


replaced faulty switch. Problem gone.