Zwave switches and lights died after update (Timeout)

Binary switches (lights, locks and whatnot) can’t operate or operate with extreme delays.
Tried re-interview some but it does not pickup any new info. Instead node comes dead.

Seems to be as of latest update. Every unit is now greyed out but sensors seems oddly enough to be reporting to InfluxDB anyways so it might be some breaking change in latest update or something?

Can anyone advice if it’s a bug, change or more serious issue - either with Home Assistant or ZwaveJS?

Normally I stay one month behind updates but it seemed to not be possibe with some updates of addons. It would be awesome if Home Assistant could add a “Production” channel for updates. I don’t want the latest, I want the stablest.

This is one of 54 Nodes (Aeotec Multisensor 6)

Immediate reply when pinging Node 010.

Downgrading Home Assistant and restarting all Nodes seems to do the trick.

With 40-something inwalls it means switching the main breaker in the incoming central as I’m lucky to run a Home Assistant-VM on a UPS.

However, Home Assistant and Addons Production-tag is still requested. Could be as easy as just lagging a 3 months behind.

I have a fairly massive Z-Wave network and no update has caused me any particular hassle with them in a while. What dongle do you use? I use the Aeotec Gen 5.

I use UZB.

As of about half a year, I’ve had little to no issues with z-wave too.
But this broke it. Will update with next release.