ZWave switches flip flopped

Trying to add another ZWave switch I really messed something up. Running latest Hassio on Pi with AAeon Gen5 stick. Everything had been running fine for 2 months.

Accent Lights - Node 3
Kitchen Undercounter Lights - Node 4

entity_registry.yaml file has them listed that way
current_enties screen has them listed that way
Configure ZWave has them listed that way

In overview, the switches are in the correct group so it says. I click the gear and the the right one is with it’s corresponding node.

When I click the switch in overview, it turns on the other light. Not the correct one.

Where am I not looking? How can I fix? I tried to remove the node and that did nothing. This is making me crazy and I still haven’t added the new switch.

Thank for the help,