ZWave switches mysteriously linked?

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I have a small 10-node zwave network. There is an odd quirk though: somehow Nodes 2 and 9 appear to be inexplicably linked: that is to say, when I toggle Node #2 off, it toggles Node #9 off as well. I see this happening in the OZW log. I even overrode the zwave component to add custom debug lines and it does appear that it is happening. However, I cannot be sure if the problem is HA triggering the switch toggle for both nodes, or OZW.

FWIW Node 2 is a Qubino Flush 1D Relay and Node 9 is a Zooz ZEN15 power switch.

What’s weirder still is that this is an asymmetric linkage: If I toggle (on or off) node 2, it’s reflected on node 9, but if I toggle node 9, node 2 is unaffected.

Has anyone heard of this? Any suggestions for how to go about debugging this?

Check the group associations for Node #2: Configuration -> Z-Wave -> Node #2 -> Node group associations. See if Node #9 is part of any of the groups, if it is remove it. In most cases, only Node 1 is associate with Group 1. Also make sure the broadcast group is not set. If either of those are the case, and you didn’t do it, in rare occasions groups associate themselves w/o user input for some reason.

I’ve had the same issue with a few motion sensors. It seemed to happen if I was making changes to HASS and rebooted to quickly. I had to turn the sensor off because I couldn’t figure out what was happening. I’ll have to turn it back on to see if it is a Broadcast Group issue.


That was it! Both nodes were in the broadcast group. I removed them both and the problem is gone. Thanks so much, I had no idea that was even a thing!

I had the “unintended” broadcast group problem a little while back. My motion sensor would turn all my lights on and then back off a few seconds later.

It happened to me because of a power outage. I guess HA didn’t shut down properly and the Z-wave switches got powered before I got around to restarting HA. Was able to “unassociate” the group from HA and the problem went away.