ZWave tools

Each time I want to do something with Zwave (Add a device, remove, heal) I must go to Settings, Integrations, then go down the list till I find the Zwave integration.
Is there a way to add these tools directly in a card in the Dashboard (Overview) ?

You could create a card which links to the URL of the ZWave settings

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Would you mind explaining how to do that ?
I was not aware that one could add a url in a card.

One way to do it is using the Markdown Card and simply put the URL in it like this:

[Open ZWave Config(

Where the address in the brackets is the URL you can copy from your browser when you go to the ZWave config screen.

Thanks so much. I am a recent HA convert and not all that technical. I am not yet familiar with Lovelace and hesitant with Yaml. I need to learn more and will keep your suggestion. Thanks again.

I just found this solution and it works for my limited knowledge: Webpage Card - Home Assistant