Zwave update

Do we have to update the open zwave configuration files manually, or are they updated by HA on a regular basis? I was looking out at the open zwave git repositories today, and noticed there are several manufacturers that do not appear to be in the one I am using with HA.

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Hi, you just need to run the command:

pip install --upgrade python_openzwave

That will upgrade your python opython-penzwave to the last version and if i’m not wrong the python wrapper will upgrade its own copy of openzwave.

Remember to activate the virtualenv if you are using it :slight_smile:

How does that work using docker?

Use the update_config service, and it’ll update the config files. The documentation explains the process.

Simply upgrading python_openzwave doesn’t update the config files unless there’s been an updated release of the whole package, and runs the risk that you’ll have an incompatible version of OZW.

Does a “docker pull” update to HA also update to the latest version of OZW automatically?

It updates to the latest image of Home Assistant. It won’t automatically upgrade OZW blindly, because that could break Home Assistant’s integration.

I don’t know whether that includes the latest set of config files though, that will depend on the author of the image.

The update_config service did not appear to work. The logs said it started, but then nothing after that and the august lock still has an unknown vendor and device, but I know both are provided in the manufacturers file and manufacturers directory.

Does this work for HASSIO OS?

Did you follow the instructions in the doc to remove the old config from zwcfg_*.xml?

Yes, it works for - but you’ll need to repeat it when you upgrade I believe.

Where does HA store the zwave config files? I would like to check and see if the files are updated correctly before deleting entries out of my ha config files.

It doesn’t. It calls the OpenZWave update API, and that updates the config files. Those are stored in your Python package directory, and where that is depends on your install method. A typical Python 3.5 venv would have it at:


Thanks, I think that worked.


What is the current ozw version it should update to? My ozw log indicates it is currently at 1.4.2926.

I am running and tied the upgrading process. I called the update_config service, deleted the node lines in the .xml file and then restarted.


It doesn’t update OZW, it updates the configuration files.

OK, thank you for your help @Tinkerer. I think I understand this now. So even though the OZW revision did not change, it will pull latest config files from github. That being said, will the OZW version ever change? Or is that something that will change in future releases of

Ever is one of those words that you always answer “False” to on true and false questions. If there are changes in the OZW suite that HA will benefit from I’m sure they will upgrade. Otherwise, they haven’t followed every change in the OZW suite in the past just because it changed. I also imagine that if we get significantly out of date with the OZW suite, there will be an update to bring us current sometime in the future. So in answer to your question, yea it will change in a future release, but the future is a very long time.

OK, thank you @turboc

Do you know who the author of the image is so we can ask them? :grinning:

I don’t, but in theory the docker source you’re using (there are many, including the official one) will help you track it down.

If it’s the official one, I’d head over to Discord and ask in #zwave.

I wanted to share my experience in updating the device configs with a Home Assistant Docker install. People in the chat expressed that the update_config hasn’t worked. Mileage my vary with some people, but I found a post on reddit going through a few simple steps to update the device configs. I do not know how this relates to Hassio.

Since my docker installation is sudo user, I removed the RUN commands in the dockerfile and only needed the build line in my compose file. Current version of python is 3.7 as well.