Zwave usb stick and hub question

Hey all

Recently purchased an Aeotec usb stick for my NAS running home assistant. All works well but I’d like to not rely solely on HA and my
NAS in case something goes down.
If I was to buy a zwave hub would that give me options via a SmartThings phone app and also allow the usb and hub to run together correctly. Eg if a sensor is triggered the HA and Hub would get notifications ok on both systems?


Yes but you’re forgetting something very important. If you use SmartThings to drive ZWave then here’s the path of signals between a HA app (let’s say the mobile app on a cell phone) and Your ZWave device because the SmartThings integration is by cloud (it does not connect to your local st hub)

Button on dash in HA companion app > cell network > Internet (or Lan if you’re inside your network) > your HA install

(so far no big deal, here’s the kicker…

Ha>internet>st cloud > internet > st hub > ZWave device…

And now the report back that its done…

ZWave device > ST hub > internet > st cloud > internet > your HA install

So every single HA initiated action creates no fewer than 4 internet communications…

Can you say cloud lag?

I see what you’re asking but it’s probably not worth it if you already have the ZWave dongles and such. The ST integration is great for allowing ha to talk to st but i wouldn’t use it to permanently drive ZWave or Zigbee.

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Thanks,yes makes sense. One reason was just to try and have an easy access method for zwave devices and not having to go through HA to control everything. I’ve setup scenes on it to use with my apple watch which is working well. Wonder if there is a way to integrate with apple home app on the iPhone to make things a bit more accessible,

thanks again