Zwave wall switch on same circuit as outlet

So I have some outlets that were installed for under cabinet lighting. The electrician tied these to a wall switch (assuming I would want to be able to switch the outlet power on and off to control the lights).

This setup works fine if the I was just using regular white light strips, but since I was color as well, I started looking for a scene controller. I need the outlet to always have power since the smart light strips essentially operate just like smart bulbs.

Zooz makes zwave light switches that operate in a “smart bulb mode”, where there is always power on the circuit, and the switch is capable of scene controls for whatever device I want to link it to. The problem I have with the Zooz light switches is it seems none of them are rated for being on a circuit with an outlet… otherwise, this would fit my need perfectly.

Does anyone else have experience with something like this and have anything you can recommend to achieve the same thing? I’m trying to stick to Zwave and hard-wired devices where possible. I know I could just remove the wall switch from the circuit and use a remote, but then I have to deal with batteries, and I’d like to avoid that if possible.

Remove the outlet and replace the switch

You can get wall blank to cover the holes and just use wire nuts to close the connection

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