Zwave with docker swarm configuration

Hello HAppy People,

I have been testing and researching for several days on this topic and haven’t found an answer. I’m interested in building some resilience into my HA deployment. Currently I have a docker stack running all the components I want/need for about 5 years (HA, Mosquitto, Nodered, portainer, traefik, ddclient, MariaDB, InfluxDB, zwavejs2mqtt). I plan to have 3 nodes in a docker swarm, all identical hardware and 3 identical zwave usb sticks. I only need 1 instance of HA and zwavejs2mqqt running on each node at a time, all pointed at the same configs and DBs

The first hurdle that I’m trying to clear is finding an answer as to the operation of zwavejs and the usb stick. I the past it seemed that the usb stick handled maintaining the network, device IDs, etc… Now maybe I get the impression that zwavejs handles all those configs and the stick is just for radio comms.


  1. Which component is managing the the zwave network. Stick or zwavejs?

  2. Is there a known method that is being implemented to run HA in a docker swarm? I have found many posts but most are 2+ years old.

  3. Does anyone have any suggestions on an architecture to pull this off.

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The network exists on the stick. Lose stick, lose network. ZwaveJS is a driver that allows control of the devices connected to the Stick.

No. Gotta role your own. Cant see a practical need for this. If you get decent hardware a backup server is not likely to be a need. If your using RasPi, just don’t if this is concern. Zwave Backup is a little more necessary. I think it is possible to have 2 controller(maybe more) on same net with one primary and others secondary then shift secondary to primary role. I don’t think zwavejs support this yet OR maybe this feature is just NVM backup and restore which may already be possible. Losing usb controller is catastrophic and that is something to be planned for.

Perhaps you could reconsider if Docker is the right vehicle for high availability.

Easiest way to do is using Proxmox in high availability. Easy, but cannot be done on a shoestring. High Availability and shoestring budget are mutually exclusive.