ZWave/Zigbee in-wall outlet with power monitoring?

Are there any other there besides the Jasco 43132? I thought that was the answer to my problems and then I connect it and find out it reports as a light. Which is a problem when a lot of my automations have a blanket, turn off all devices. I know I can add exceptions but really dont want to.

You should be able to change the device type - some of my power sockets added as lights, and had to be manually changed to switches to avoid exactly the same scenario, in which I had automations which switched off the lights, and with the switches reporting incorrectly they switched off too!

Modifying the device type is actually pretty easy (well, if you’re using ZHA anyway)

Someone else in another thread pointed me to that a few minutes ago and it worked, thank you.

But I’d still be interested in alternatives. Seems like there are many more wifi outlets that have monitoring but I like Zwave/Zigbee cause then I get use as a repeater too.

You’ve got more options in the US than we have here in the UK - I’ve only found two zigbee in wall outlets in the UK, and only one which does power monitoring, and it’s normally around $74 for a double socket!

The one zigbee one (jasco) I found costed me $50.

Are those Jasco any good, it’s been a few months since you posted, I would like to get your opinion to see if they are worth getting.

I’ve got 3 or 4 of em in the house, no complaints.


Bringing old back to life. Can you confirm those Jasco outlets work with ZHA? I used Z2M because I couldn’t find that those are compatible in ZHA, but I would like to switch to ZHA if they are. Z2M is tempermental at best. Updates don’t work, device settings won’t push, etc.

Even if the report back is good, the best option would be to grab a second coordinator and load up ZHA alongside Z2M, then test and live with a few devices under ZHA before doing any sort of migration.

The extra coordinator can always be flashed with router or thread firmware once you decide which platform to keep.

I run both, but z2m is primary. ZHA is mostly just a test net.

Have 1 paired to ZHA, rest are paired to Z2M. No issues with either option.

@jerrm & @nappyjim Thanks for the replies. I do have a RPi4 laying around and a HA SkyConnect Coordinator. I will spin up a separate system to test out my suite of devices. Thanks!

You don’t need a separate system. Just configure ZHA using the SkyConnect on your existing HA. Z2M and ZHA can run side by side under a single HA install.

@jerrm Safe to assume you used 2 different zigbee channels?

Correct. Z2M defaults to 11. ZHA defaults to 15.