ZWave Zipato Mini Keypad ValueChanged causes exceptions in Manager.cpp

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I installed the keypad mini from zipato, and i am already getting some icons and one switch installed on the web ui, but as soon as i am using an rfid chip to authenticate on the keypad, its value change event causes issues:

2017-01-19 22:09:09.599 Info, Node003, Sending (Send) message (Callback ID=0x14, Expected Reply=0x04) - SwitchBinaryCmd_Get (Node=3): 0x01, 0x09, 0x00, 0x13, 0x03, 0x02, 0x25, 0x02, 0x25, 0x14, 0xf2

2017-01-19 22:09:09.605 Detail, Node003, Received: 0x01, 0x04, 0x01, 0x13, 0x01, 0xe8
2017-01-19 22:09:09.606 Detail, Node003, ZW_SEND_DATA delivered to Z-Wave stack
2017-01-19 22:09:09.624 Detail, Node003, Received: 0x01, 0x07, 0x00, 0x13, 0x14, 0x00, 0x00, 0x02, 0xfd
2017-01-19 22:09:09.625 Detail, Node003, ZW_SEND_DATA Request with callback ID 0x14 received (expected 0x14)
2017-01-19 22:09:09.625 Info, Node003, Request RTT 25 Average Request RTT 44
2017-01-19 22:09:09.625 Detail, Expected callbackId was received
2017-01-19 22:09:09.637 Detail, Node003, Received: 0x01, 0x09, 0x00, 0x04, 0x00, 0x03, 0x03, 0x25, 0x03, 0x00, 0xd4
2017-01-19 22:09:09.637 Detail,
2017-01-19 22:09:09.638 Info, Node003, Response RTT 38 Average Response RTT 38
2017-01-19 22:09:09.638 Info, Node003, Received SwitchBinary report from node 3: level=Off
2017-01-19 22:09:09.639 Detail, Node003, Initial read of value
2017-01-19 22:09:09.639 Detail, Node003, Expected reply and command class was received
2017-01-19 22:09:09.640 Detail, Node003, Message transaction complete
2017-01-19 22:09:09.640 Detail,
2017-01-19 22:09:09.641 Detail, Node003, Removing current message
2017-01-19 22:09:09.641 Detail, Node003, Notification: ValueChanged
2017-01-19 22:09:09.657 Warning, Exception: Manager.cpp:2499 - 102 - ValueID passed to GetValueFloatPrecision is not a Decimal Value
2017-01-19 22:09:09.658 Warning, Exception: Manager.cpp:2499 - 102 - ValueID passed to GetValueFloatPrecision is not a Decimal Value
2017-01-19 22:09:09.664 Detail,

Any thoughts on that?

I also have the Zipato mini keypad but I still haven’t found out to get it working correctly in Home-Assistant.

I did try a setup in Domoticz once. They have a nice write up how to use it under the section ‘Tag reader’ here: on how to add the keypad.

Maybe it can give you some hints on how to get a step further.

If somebody figures out how to get it working in Home-Assistant I would be very happy!

Has anyone made any headway with the zipato keypad? It looks like the perfect setup for a home assistant alarm, but i am most interested with the rfid keytag implementation.

Works excellent for me so far.

Small write up here: Basic Home Alarm Setup with Zipato Keypad