Zwave2mqtt - Adding gc-tbz48 Thermostat help

I am in the process of moving over to zwave2mqtt. I have a couple of the go control GC-tbz48 thermostats. When I add them to zwave2mqtt they show up as a Thermostat HVAC device and the correct description. However it doesn’t come into HA as a thermostat. I get 4 sensors that show up in the HA Devices section:

For the life of me I can’t get the HA devices added. In the zwave2mqtt github it shows an example template for this, I added that to the customDevice.json file (Running in docker) and the log says it was added, but if no matter what I do I can’t get this to show up as a thermostat in HA.

Any one else have this working?


I figured this out looking at this thread. I had to make a change to get the action state fro the json but its working

I was looking at this thread

the name of the file is customDevices.js not customDevice

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so I am struggling with the customDevice.js or .json. If I pass it directly from the website I get an error that / is not supported, and that makes sense since json doesn’t support comments. Do you mind sharing your customDevice.js file? or the section you pasted in for this thermostat?


ahh ok after messing around more… Need to take the txt from the thread you mentioned and paste it in to a js file not a json file.

That seems to make everything work. Thanks for the help @faspina

its a .js not .json but mine say customDevices.js